I am a lecturer at the University of Iowa, where I teach courses on Victorian and modernist literature, rhetoric, and disability studies. My academic work has been featured in Texas Studies in Literature and LanguageThe ConradianDickens Studies AnnualThe VictorianLiterature/Film QuarterlyNineteenth-Century Disability, and other publications. I am the recipient of the 2016 Bruce Harkness Young Conrad Scholar Award from the Joseph Conrad Society of America and the 2018 R. F. Dietrich Research Scholarship from the International Shaw Society.

I am also the director of content strategy for Sound Wisdom, a publisher of personal growth and business improvement books. With over ten years of experience working remotely, I write about how people who work from home can optimize their work-life integration. You’ll find my articles on this topics—and others, including the value of a PhD beyond academia—in Entrepreneur.com, Thrive Global, The Good Men Project, and the Sound Wisdom Blog. In an effort to support and empower moms who juggle working and parenting simultaneously, I founded The Work-at-Home Mom Blog, an online magazine and virtual community.

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